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The first DVD of Kruzenshtern i Parohod is now in the works, featuring a multi-camera footage and hi-fi sound of the group's famed performance in Tmuna theatre, together with several bonus tracks and Igor Krutogolov's cover art. We hope it will be ready for KiP's concerts with Mitch and Mitch (see below).

KiP are excited to collaborate with Mitch and Mitch on a series of concerts in Israel and a joint album! Stay tuned for details.

KiP are back from a month-and-a-half tour of Europe! We played in Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Poland and Lithuania. See some of our adventures on our myspace blog. Special thanks to Aeroflot airlines for costing us $1000 and forcing us to cancel a concert! If you are ever in Russia - better take a train.

Boris Martzinovsky is the newest member of KiP. Boris plays accordion with Israeli bands such as Panic Ensemble, Aviv Guedge and Illiane Pansensoy's Tropical Orchestra, and also participates in one of the lineups of Jewlia Eisenberg's Charming Hostess.

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We are going to short tour around Eastern Europe on Feb.2008. Live show in Tmu-na Theatre, Tel Aviv will open the tour diary on January, 31. Check Live section for dates and places!

Our site was updated and now works. Check new sections!

Live performance at Levontin 7, Tel Aviv on 3rd of November.

Split disk with Vialka was succesfully released and now available in CD shops around a world and at

Vialka band is going to come to Israel to present the split release in a set of live concerts together with K&P in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem.
For info about the shows check our Live section and

New photos at Photo section. Don't forget to check!

Split album with Vialka is going to be released in June 2006. Kruzenshern&Parohod will perform Tort and Young Ones with accordion and two compositios from our new album.

Now Extra page is open, video and some pics added.

Another Russian-Baltian tour of the band from 15.12 till 29.12
For dates and places check our Live section

Live performance on Auris Media Fest at Zappa Club, Tel Aviv on 1.11.05.
Next performance on 30.11.05 at Heineken Habima Club, Tel Aviv
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Live performance at Barnasus Pub in Jerusalem on 17th of September

Live performance at Live Bar In Technion, Haifa on 22th of September
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Live performance at Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv on 25th of August
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Igor Krutogolov's Karate Band with live show at Kursik Rock Festival on Kineret Beach

Live performance at Russian Muse Festival on the Jardenit Beach of Kineret.
More Info about a fest is available at Derech ha-Lev

Live concert in Haifa on 16th of June, at Livebar, Technion.
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Coming soon!!!
Igor Krutogolov`s Live Performance at Green Racoon.
Keep checking the news.

Good news! The first album of Igor Krutogolov Karate Band is recorded and going to be released at Auris Media in August 2005.

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Live show of The Krutogolov`s Toy Orchestra in Green Racoon on 7.05.2005.
I.K. Toy Orchestra are:
Olya Yelensky - toy keyboard, cat voice
Bogoslavsky Tanya - xylophone, cat voice
Victor Levin - toy clarinet, cheep voice
Ido Azaria - toy clarinet, dog voice
Ruslan Gross - toy guitar, percussion, horse voice
Guy Shechter - toy drums, cow voice
Ofer Shechter - toy trumpet, pig voice
Gregory Bado - toy trumpet, chicken voice
and other musicians?
Igor Krutogolov - composer, conductor, toy guitar, toy clarinet, toy voice

New project by Igor Krutogolov - Igor Krutogolov Karate Band gets on. All compositions written for toy instruments.
For more info check our Live section or

We will have few live concerts in March 2005.
For more info check our Live section or

Nearest future
Live concerts in Haifa and Beer Sheva
The dates on these concerts are still not final, keep checking the news on our site and also at

New albums of the band are going to be recorded!!!
One of them - Music for the leaving summer, is intended for children from ages 2 to 5.
Keep checking the news.
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